What is reweaving?

Re-weaving is a way of repairing fabric by weaving in material from a different part of the garment. It is a bit like a skin graft that takes skin from one area and transplants it to another area where it is needed. Reweaving is an old and rather arcane art not practiced by many people today. Reweaving is done by hand and requires special skills and some specialized tools. In many cases, re-weaving repairs are all but invisible and unnoticeable and is a great way of saving prized clothing with burn or moth holes and similar damage.

What kind of clothing can benefit from reweaving repair?

Not every piece of clothing is a good candidate for reweaving. First of all, reweaving is not an easy process. It takes a lot of time and a lot of skill, and therefore it is not cheap. But it can save a prized garment and therefore can be very cost-effective in some cases. Since the "patch" is taken from an unseen part of the garment such as a hem or inside piece, such excess material must be available. It must also match the area to be repaired. If, for example, the patch looks new but the repair area is faded, the match will not be too good and will be noticeable.

Reweaving cost and quality

The cost of reweaving repair depends on several factors including the size and shape of the damage and the type of material involved. The quality of a reweaving repair depends on the garment itself, especially the color, pattern and condition. A solid color, for example, is likely to show around the edges. The invisibility of the repair cannot be guaranteed because of fabric variables, but with some garments the repair will be quite invisible to the naked eye.