I take on a variety of projects including custom jobs to meet customer needs. The comments from customers below describe some of the work I have done and express customers' satisfaction with the work done.

I'm a taxi driver and I wear out the knees in my jeans all the time. Also, I like to have pockets where I can reach tehm while I'm driving. I brought some Levi 501's to Kwansoon to see if she could sew some patches inside the knees and add some pockets and she dis a great job. I was really surprised at the professional work she did and the way the thread even matched the original, and the price was really good for that quality of work. I'll definitely go back to her for any tailoring needs I have. Kevin A. Chance, Denver

I needed to get my granddaughter's dress fitted for my son's wedding. I was very happy with the job done. We had the dress in plenty of time and the fit was great. Thabks a bunch! Lori Williams, Lakewood, CO.

I'm very happy with Kwansoon's work. She did a wonderful job on my attire. She is also very professional and friendly. Miriam LaBlotier, Denver, CO.

Kwansoon did a wonderful job re-creating an old pet carrier of mine. This new onw is even better than the old one. It's beautifully made, warm and sbuggly, and perfect for a small pet. Clara Hendricks, Denver, CO